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Water Slides, Bounce Houses & Fun Jump Rental in Vinton, Louisiana

We are proud to deliver all of our inflatable water slides, bounce houses, and fun jumps and other party rental equipment to all of Vinton! You wont find any other company that offers a one stop shop, that inflatable rentals, concessions and other party supplies in one simple order and delivery service. ABCarnival has a great reputation for keeping our equipment clean and sanitized, which makes our customers happy !


ABCarnival is fully insured to make sure that your party is safe and fun, all at the same time. It’s always at the top of our minds, to make sure that your party goes as planned, and everyone has a blast. The best way to make that happen, is to be safe while having fun. What do we do? Well first, ABCarnival only rents water slides, bounce houses, and fun jumps, that have safety straps on each side of the ladder that you climb to slide down. When our party goers climb up, they get to hold on to hand straps all the way up ! This helps prevent someone from falling back, and hurting themselves, or falling back onto other people behind them. Second, we include a free Watchdog Blower Safety Siren with all rentals. This is a unit that plugs into the electric power blower that keeps the inflatables “inflated”. If your power goes out, or the electrical cord becomes unplugged, this unit makes a Very loud siren noise. This alerts the person in-charge, that everyone should get out, or off of the inflatable until the power supply is corrected. Lastly, we anchor down our units with heavy duty straps to insure that they do not tip over from strong wind, or improper weight distribution. Why do we do all this? Well, SAFE Parties equal FUN parties !


Oh, here is one of the cool things about us… When you need to throw a party, there no more waiting to get a call back from someone for information, or guess which inflatable you’ll actually get for your party. We’re guessing that you don’t want an old beat up, faded water slide or bounce house at your party… We don’t let that happen. What you see is what you get. Our website let’s you see real photos of the exact inflatable unit you reserve. Our state-of-the art online reservation system allows you to browse through our inventory at your convenience, to make the best decisions for your party needs. Choose what you want, add concession machine with supplies, tables or chairs. We got it. Call us if you need, or checkout online, pay for it and your done ! We take care of the rest, and you get to sit back and have a party. Simple. Thanks for shopping with us. Please call or email if you have questions or concerns. Ya’ll are gonna have a blast !