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Concession Rental Instructions


Caution ! Floss head rotates at 3450 rpm and the floss head gets very hot ! Operator must keep hands and face clear of rotating head and keep spectators at a reasonable distance.

Plug in floss machine.

Turn ‘main’ and ‘heat’ switches on. Warm up time is about 2-4 minutes

Turn machine off. Do not add sugar when motor is running!

Add about ½ cup of floss sugar to the head, manually rotating head to balance flossugar.

Turn ‘main’ and ‘heat’ switches on. The machine should begin to make floss in a few minutes.

To pick up floss: hold cone about 2 inches from pointed end. With a light flicking action, break the web of floss that is building up on the pan (usually floss will stick to the cones. If not, dampen the cone with a sponge). Lift up the cone with the ring of floss attached and, by rotating the cone, whirl the floss onto it.
Cotton Candy Cleaning Instructions
Continue to run machine until no more floss comes out of head
PLEASE do not remove bowl and top, it's fragile and will break !
Wipe bowl, top and base of machine with a damp sponge and dish soap
Do not get floss head wet!

( A $20.00 fee will be charged to your account if unit is not cleaned before pickup )


Make sure dump lever handle engages the kettle hanger.

Turn on kettle/stirrer and light switches (kettle may smoke during initial warm up)
Open kettle and add popcorn kit into kettle

When corn stops popping, dump immediately

When popping is complete, turn off kettle/stirrer switch.

Leave light switch on to warm the popcorn.
Popcorn Machine Cleaning Instructions

Both glass and stainless retain heat well. Allow time to cool prior to cleaning !

After unit has been unplugged and allowed to cool, remove any excess popcorn remaining in bottom.

Clean glass with household glass cleaner

Clean inside of kettle (do not immerse kettle in water)

Remove and clean screening tray and pan

( A $20.00 fee will be charged to your account if unit is not cleaned before pickup )